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The $668-million ATR Project will create a wide spectrum of opportunities for local contractors and vendors. Alameda County and Clark Design/Build of California, the local firm responsible for the project's design and construction, are committed to involving other community businesses as well. Two programs will help make sure that many prospective local contractors and vendors are included in this project:

  • Small, Local and Emerging Business (SLEB): This program is designed to enhance contracting and procurement opportunities for small, local and emerging businesses within Alameda County by providing up to 10% bid preferences on eligible contracts. The program was developed to promote and foster inclusiveness, diversity and economic development, as well as provide on-going evaluation to ensure that all local businesses are provided equal opportunities in County contracting and procurement activities.
  • Enhanced Construction Outreach Program (ECOP): Alameda County's ECOP is designed to ensure that small, minority-owned local businesses receive careful consideration during construction and procurement decisions.

The County is committed to meeting or exceeding the requirements of both these programs. For more information about the SLEB Program and ECOP, see County of Alameda – Doing Business with Us. For more on subcontracting opportunities with Clark and their community involvement efforts, and to access their Building Blocks Newsletter see Clark’s Community Outreach Website.

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